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Clinical Documentation Improvement Program

Paint the picture of the patient properly with words, so the coder can paint the same picture with codes – Dr. Gold

With years of experience in the practice of medicine and clinical documentation consulting our team of doctors, nurses and coders deliver a comprehensive integrated approach to the development of your clinical documentation improvement program (CDIP).  We will work with your documentation specialists, doctors, mid-level providers , nurses, other health professionals, coders and management team to develop a complete hospital wide CDIP.

Physician and other provider training – Physician acceptance is the primary key to a successful CDIP. We will deliver specific training to your medical staff by specialty to ensure they understand and agree with the tenets of the CDIP as it relates specifically to their practice.

Clinical Documentation Specialists training – Our team of clinicians work directly with your clinical documentation specialists (CDS) in a variety of methods to train them on their newly assigned job role. Together they will develop a concurrent review process that is both efficient and effective.  A DCBA trained CDS has a complete understanding of the physicians’ clinical language along with the coding regulations to be able to connect the two in an appropriate and compliant manner.

Coder training – Our physician consultant will also deliver a series of lectures to your coders that will help them better understand the clinical aspects of diseases and procedures to which they assign codes.

Nurses and other health professionals will receive training on how they may assist in the CDIP and the importance of their role in the documentation of the patient record.

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