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ICD-10 Training

Since the introduction of ICD, the classification system has led to more and more reflection of pathogenesis of disease and specificity of descriptors. With ICD-10, this will be even more complex than ever. October 1, 2014 is right around the corner and we at DCBA will help make sure that you are ready. Our perspective involves the fact that the end users of diagnosis and procedure codes, the physicians, must know what is important and why that is so. They need an appreciation of “What’s in it for me” and “what’s in it for their patients.” Once the medical staff is on the right track for entries into the medical records, paper or electronic or hybrid, in the hospital or in the office, everything else can flow smoothly. Without this, the burden on the coders will be massive. DCBA will train your Medical Staff members and their mid-levels, CDI specialists and coding professionals in the major aspects they need to know in order to succeed.

• DCBA has prepared a series of onsite education sessions/ lectures for physicians and their mid-level providers regarding documentation issues specific to the ICD systems. We will focus on those elements of ICD-10 that differ from existing ICD-9 documentation requirements. In addition to the live presentations, you may videotape the presentations for future reference and for use by the CDI specialists in physician/mid-level training.

• We will provide 4 – 6 hours of training to the CDS’s in the additional needs of ICD-10 and how to communicate with the medical staff.

• We will also provide 2 – 3 hours of training to the coders on significant anatomic elements for procedures.

• Further, we will provide electronic versions of our PowerPoint presentations and will assist with the development of posters and physician promotional materials.

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